Branding Design

for BNY

Branding Design is one of our favourite services that we offer at Howell Edwards. We love working with new, start-up businesses to create a full branding and identity experience from start to finish, comprising everything from logo, typeface and colour palette design, to social media assets and marketing materials, to full website design and development.

We worked with new startup business BNY to produce their entire branding, website and collateral for their 2018 launch. Aimed at both beauty and wellness specialists, and their clients, we needed to create an identity for Beauty Near You that appealed to both businesses and their customers. This was a huge branding design project, and one that we relished working on.

We settled on bright pinks and blues with pops of yellow to encourage a truly eye-catching feel for the logo, collateral and website design. We also utilised white space and padding to ensure that the bright colours were not too distracting from the content – ultimately the goal of the website and brand. We chose bold, easy to read typefaces, and concentrated on making the website as easy to use and digest as possible – as we know how important accessibility is for websites. The whole ethos of the website is to make finding beauty and wellness specialists in the visitor’s area as easy as possible; so we knew that the navigation of the site was going to need to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

The backend of the website needed to incorporate two different login capabilities and databases to differentiate between businesses and clients. The service charges a yearly fee for business listings, so an e-commerce functionality needed to be integrated to work with the business listings, as well as a “My Account” area in which listings, payment information and business info could be edited. The website is fully responsive, as we know that around half of the website users will be using mobiles or tablets to visit the site and it’s imperative that their devices have the same quality of experience as desktop users.

We also designed and produced Media Kits, Invoices, Receipts and marketing ephemera for BNY, complete with business cards, window stickers for therapists, and ratings cards for clients to utilise. When you design and develop a visual identity, it’s essential that it can be used across all the business assets, so that the complete collection of branding assets are consistent.

Branding Design is an incredibly important aspect for a small business, and something that we are extremely passionate about. If you’re looking for logo or brand design, please feel free to get in touch and see what we could create for you.

Branding Design by Howell Edwards
Branding, Web Design and Development by Howell Edwards
Branding, Web Design and Development by Howell Edwards