Full Brand Design

for Dana Scott

Last year we worked with Transformational Life Coach Dana Scott to design her full logo, branding, and WordPress website. Dana came to us wanting a warm, welcoming visual identity that stood out amongst her peers and competitors. In a saturated industry, it’s important that your branding differentiates you, sets you apart, and emphasises what makes you different; why should customers pick you and not another business?

We chose colours and typefaces that were different than the usual used in the wellbeing industry, and designed an illustrated logo that stands out amongst competitors. The feeling of comfort and safety is emphasised and encouraged, whilst also maintaining a level of professionalism; it’s important for Dana’s customers and clients to know that she is an experienced and established practitioner.

Dana’s website functions as a services portfolio; quite simply, it lists her specialties and areas of wellbeing that she focuses on. Split into Personal Coaching, Corporate Wellbeing, and Workshops, the navigation is straightforward and easy to use. Potential clients can easily and quickly find what they’re looking for and how Dana can offer them the help and support they require. We also integrated a blog feature, and mailing list signup functionality, so that Dana can build a list of interested parties to send newsletters and updates to.

We know how important branding is for a small business. Many startups and small businesses will make the mistake of skipping an initial investment into good design, but we know that good branding is essential for businesses of all sizes. The most successful businesses in any industry are the ones that have established themselves as a leader in their field by creating a strong brand, so get in touch today and find out how we can help you.

Branding, Web Design and Development by Dana Scott
Branding, Web Design and Development by Dana Scott