Your brand is everything. Branding is an essential aspect of your business, whether you’re a start up or an established corporation, and it’s so important that you invest real time in getting it right. A powerful visual identity establishes expectations with your audience, appeals to clients on an emotional level, and compels them to choose you over your competitors. We make the effort to understand your unique business, so that we can create branding assets that will set you apart and attract your ideal customers. That way we can design you a comprehensive identity suite of everything you need to achieve your goals.

Through our comprehensive branding design process, we will help you to tell your brand’s story. We spend time researching your business, audience and competitors, so that we can really understand your values and your customers. This gives us an essential base for designing your logo, visual identity, imagery, typography and colour palette. We’ll go through any branding assets you may need to market and support your business, including your website and social media platforms, business cards, flyers and advertisements. We’ll bring everything together in your brand guidelines, so that you can be consistent and coherent throughout your presence both online and in the real world.

Another essential service that we offer is Rebranding. At Howell Edwards, we try and keep our work, brand, and correspondence as transparent and straight-forward as possible. We know that designers and developers can throw around misleading and confusing terms that bewilder some clients – we’re working hard to avoid that and be as accessible as possible for our clients. Rebranding is one of those terms.

So what exactly is rebranding? The truth is, rebranding can be different for every client and every project. It can mean completely stripping back the entire visual identity, designing a new company logo and every associated asset. It could also mean drastically changing the branding design for every aspect of the company identity – apart from the logo. It is completely possible for the same logo to look extremely fresh, modern and different, by changing all the assets around it. Rebranding can also mean simply refreshing the content that a client currently has, for example restructuring a website to have a more user-friendly navigation system and typeface. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that a brand exists only in the minds of consumers. So, rebranding is about changing what people believe that your company does, and how they feel about you, whether this is by changing your logo, business card, website, or all three. A rebrand can help you re-align your business with your brand values, voice, and ideal clients and customers.

How Can We Help?
We can help you with all of your branding, visual identity and rebranding needs, whether it’s a company logo, a better, clearer company website, refreshed visual assets like business cards and brochures, or all of the above. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today.

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