Branding – The Psychology of Brand Colour

By April 2, 2018 Branding

At Howell Edwards, we consider ourselves to be the branding experts. So we know that one of the most important aspects of your visual identity is the use of colour. Whether we recognise it or not, every colour is instrinsically linked to an emotional and psychological reponse from clients – so it’s absolutely crucial to understand the meaning behind colours before committing one to your brand. Read our guide below to help you make a decision, or get in touch for a bespoke approach to your branding.

The colour blue represents loyalty, calmness, and tranquility. We associate the colour with peace, harmony, and reliability. It creates a sense of security and trust in a brand. The colour blue is known to increase productivity and is frequently used in offices.
Works well for financial industries, social networks, and corporate industries

We associate the colour green with freshness, balance and environmentally friendly brands. Green can also allude to wealth and growth, as well as representing “Go!”. Shades of green naturally allude to positivity and have a calming nature.
Associated with environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly brands

Branding Design for Cole Price & Co

We used blue to design the visual identity for Cole Price & Co to present the sense of security and trustworthiness that you expect from an accountant.

The colour purple is known to represent creativity, abundance, royalty, and spirituality. Darker shades of purple give a feeling of luxury, serenity, and artistry, while lighter shades are associated with femininity. The colour is best for targeting a female audience.
Works for luxury Brands, often used in beauty and anti-aging products

Yellow is the colour most associated with brightness and energy. Representing warmth, positivity, and cheer, it gives an impression of happiness and excitement and is considered to be a high-arousal colour.
Represents optimism, used to grab the attention of window shoppers

Orange is the colour most associated with energy and vibrancy, while also coming across as friendly and inviting. It’s a fun and playful colour, great to use for a high energy feel without being overpowering. The colour shows warmth as well as caution and is the national colour of the Netherlands.
The colour orange is used to create calls to action, inspiring impulsive shopping

Pink is the colour we associate with being feminine, soft, and delicate. The level of intensity of the colour used can impact its meaning; used in bright and vibrant tones, it evokes a bold and modern feel, while lighter tones are more traditionally romantic.
Ideal for feminine and romantic brands

Red is a dynamic and powerful colour that’s known to attract attention and evoke passion and drama. Associated with the sun and fire, Pantone suggests that red can stimulate people to take risks, as well as increasing heart rate and urgency. Used minimally, it’s extremely effective, but it can be overpowering.
Stimulates appetite, used in restaurants

We used pink to design the visual identity for Jenloupa to convey the feminine, gentle nature of their products.

Black represents power and elegance – it’s the colour of authority. Used in branding, black evokes timelessness, exclusivity, and sophistication.
Recommended for fashion, editorial, luxury, professional industries

The colour white represents simplicity, purity, and perfection. Generally associated with Apple, their use of white represents the brand’s simplicity in terms of both their form and function. White can also be seen as sterile, clean, and modern.
Most suited to brands interested in simplicity and transparency

Essex Design Studio

We used black to design the visual identity for Boutique Productions to evoke feelings of timelessness and professionalism – everything that Boutique Productions stands for.

Are you ready to create your brand? Or do you want a stronger, re-designed visual identity? Howell Edwards can help you with any aspect of your branding. Get in touch with us to strengthen and perfect your brand.

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