Children’s Book Illustration

for Z is for Zora

We love illustrating books, especially when they’re colourful, meaningful children’s books that allow us to work in our favourite styles. We’ve worked with Dr Tamara Pizzoli and The English Schoolhouse publishing house for several years now, on so many collaborations that we’ve almost lost count. We are big believers in Tamara’s mission to diversify children’s literature and provide representation for young people, and we love being able to contribute our illustration to her cause and bring life to her words.

One of our more recent projects with Tamara is the illustration for Z is for Zora: An Alphabet Book of Notable Writers from Around the World. We love working on digital children’s book illustrations, and this was an exciting project for us to work on with The English Schoolhouse; we were able to work in a different and fun style of illustration, and got to illustrate some amazing authors. From Maya Angelou to Zora Neale Hurston, we loved working in this style to produce this book.

We loved working on this book with Tamara, and we can’t wait to work on more. If you’re looking for illustration for your children’s book, we would love to hear from you.

“Howell Edwards Creative sets the standard for beautiful, unique, catchy & effective illustration design and concept development. I've worked with the company closely on six children's books, company branding for my publishing house and media company and several websites and other projects for over three years and find their service, ingenuity & speed to be unparalleled. and to think I found such a gem on twitter! ☺️”

Dr. Tamara PizzoliAuthor
Children's Book Design by Howell Edwards
Children's Book Design by Howell Edwards
Children's Book Design by Howell Edwards