E-Commerce WordPress Web Design

for Spelthorne Tennis Centre

We love designing and developing e-commerce websites for clients. If you’ve taken a look at the rest of our portfolio, you’ll know that one of our favourite services that we provide is designing and developing websites for startup businesses and service providers. One of our specialties and most popular services that we offer is e-commerce WordPress web design for small businesses. Designing a website for a client from scratch is a real privilege, and being responsible for how a business is shown to the world, and potential paying customers, is something that we take very seriously.

We were commissioned by Spelthorne Community Tennis Centre to design and develop their new WordPress e-commerce website. The site is a hub for the Tennis Centre, providing information for customers about classes, courses, and camps, a helpful information blog about tennis and playing the sport, as well as selling and managing membership subscriptions to the club and courses, plus tennis racquets and balls. The e-commerce and membership functionality was the main challenge for us; it was really important to us that the system and structure were as user-friendly as possible for the Centre’s users.

The site is fast loading and clearly structured to allow for maximum user experience and capabilities, we tried to keep the design very clean and the navigation as straightforward as possible to let the important information take pride of place. There was a lot of information that we needed to include, everything from ball machine info to court booking, so it was really important to have a good base structure for the site in place to build on. The site has a fresh and clean look, complete with enhanced content fully optimised for every media device, desktop through mobile. The CMS allows the clients to observe visitor and customer analytics, so they can feed this information back into offering the service that their customers are looking for; an essential aspect in any websites for startup businesses. The users are able to log in and manage their membership subscriptions and purchases easily, updating their contact information and account details when needed. We fully designed and developed the site using WordPress, concentrating on accessibility and responsive design to give an inclusive and interactive user experience.

We’ve also worked on flyers for distribution in the local area, and large banner design for the Tennis Club. All the promotional assets are designed using their existing branding guidelines, to give a seamless and coherent feel across all of their content.

We’re really happy with the results in terms of the site look, feel and usability, whilst in terms of SEO, it’s performing beyond our expectations. If you’re looking for e-commerce WordPress web design with account and membership functionality, we’d love to hear from you.

Web Design and Development for Tennis Spelthorne
Web Design and Development for Tennis Spelthorne
Web Design and Development for Tennis Spelthorne