Branding & Web Design

for Fräulicious

At Howell Edwards, we love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to design their full branding and assets from start to finish. By designing everything from the initial logo and submarks to the typefaces and colour palette used, to the website structure and functionality, we can ensure that the brand is completely coherent and cohesive across every platform. If you’re looking for Branding and Web Design for Small Businesses, we’d love to hear from you.

We were commissioned by Fräulicious to design their logo, branding, and WordPress website, as well as marketing flyers, leaflets, and postcards. Fräulicious offers mobile pizza catering for markets, private events, festivals, and functions, as well as their specialty Flammkuchen. Flammkuchen is delicious, traditional German food, which resembles pizza but is significantly different. This posed a unique challenge for us – we had to work out how to evoke the feeling of pizza but also make sure that the branding is different enough to show “Flammkuchen” as a separate idea.

We designed a logo that kept a German feel but also looked eye-catching and provocative, and chose warm red tones that were reminiscent of pizza but also distinctly different enough to keep the branding separate. We used high-quality photography of the pizzas and Flammkuchen to catch the attention (and appetites!) of potential customers, with a casual, welcoming typeface. The website that we designed and developed includes menus for the different offerings that Fräulicious have to offer, a gallery of images, information about the history of Flammkuchen as well as the contact information to make bookings and enquiries.

We loved working with Bettina and the Fräulicious team, it was a challenging but delicious project, and we look forward to our continuing work relationship. If you’re looking for branding, design, and web design for your small business, we’d love to hear from you.

Branding, Web Design and Development for Fraulicious
Logo Design for Fraulicious by Howell Edwards