Full Branding Design

for Business Trade Centre

Full Branding Design is a favourite service of ours at Howell Edwards. By designing everything from the initial logo and submarks to the typefaces and colour palette used, to the website structure and functionality, we can ensure that the brand is completely coherent and cohesive across every platform.

We recently undertook the design of full branding and website for the Business Trade Centre. Their aim is to provide a safe, secure environment for sellers to advertise their small, medium or large business, and for buyers to find a business that meets their precise criteria.

We designed clean, clear branding for the company, but used light, soft colours that give the logo and assets a more appealing look. We were anxious not to make the branding too corporate, as we know that a variety of different businesses are going to use this service. When a client has such a large target audience, it’s important to design a brand that will appeal to every possible user.

The functionality for the website proved to be the biggest challenge. We designed and developed a WordPress theme and Plugin that incorporated Business Listings, a powerful search function, as well as E-Commerce integration. The site needed to be easy to use and intuitive to navigate, as well as fully responsive and optimised for SEO. We also integrated the site with Mailchimp to support list-building and added widget areas to incorporate Ad spaces.

This full branding design was a huge task, and we’re really happy with the outcome. The branding is clean and approachable, while the website provides full functionality whilst looking great. If you’re looking to launch your business with a clean, clear and cohesive branding design, please get in touch.

Full Branding Design, Web Design and Development for Business Trade Centre
Branding, Web Design and Development for Business Trade Centre