Film Poster Illustration

for Universal Pictures

Illustration for film posters is a favourite service of ours at Howell Edwards. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Universal Pictures over the past few years to design a series of film and television posters for private offices, and gifts for cast and crew on various productions. Along with design and art, film is a big love of ours at Howell Edwards, and a great source of inspiration for our work. There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a great romance or the thrills of an action film to kickstart your creativity.

Pictured below is one of our favourite commissions; a set of posters to commemorate two Family Guy TV specials, Road to Rhode Island and Road to Europe. These were commissioned by Fox to be presented as gifts for the Universal Pictures head offices. We love retro travel posters and old movie posters, so this was a dream job for us.

Illustration is one of our specialities at Howell Edwards, and one of our true loves. These poster commissions have allowed us to illustrate some of our favourite films and shows, in different styles. On a number of the designs we’ve tried to illustrate and portray the story of the film through a minimalist design, capturing the plot or motifs without giving away too much of the film itself, which has been a great challenge and something we’ve loved doing.

Do you have a film or television related commission? Are you looking for illustration for film posters? We’d love to hear from you.

“Howell Edwards provide clients with quality work time and time again, they never fail to deliver.”

Michael ClearVice President, Blue Grass Films
Illustration for Universal Pictures