Logo Design

for Cole Price & Co

Logo Design is perhaps the most important aspect of a small business’s branding and visual identity. Your logo shows the world who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. It also distinguishes you from the competition, which is why it’s so important to have a great logo that will set you apart – designed by a professional.

We worked with accountancy firm Cole Price & Co to design their full branding, complete with logo design, brand guidelines and website. They wanted a visual identity that was corporate but classic, with a modern touch. They also didn’t want to look like a generic accountancy firm, so we needed to design branding assets that were eye-catching, professional, and a little different from the normal black and white.

We used classic typefaces, with a modern and unusual colour palette of teal and gold. This combined the eye-catching elements we were aiming for with archetypal assets to ensure the branding was timeless. When you design and develop a visual identity, it’s essential that it can be used efficiently and effectively across all the company assets; business cards through to the marketing assets.

The clean, clear and classic logo design that we produced for Cole Price & Co has a modern style that sets the small business apart from their competitors. It’s easily recognisable, and stands out in a saturated market of old-fashioned branding. The colours are eye-catching and contemporary, and create an attractive, welcoming feel.

Branding Design for Cole Price & Co
Branding Design for Cole Price & Co