Children’s Book Illustration

for The Adventures of a Pig Called Diggy

We love illustrating books, especially when they’re colourful, meaningful children’s books that allow us to work in our different styles. We recently worked as children’s book illustrator on three children’s books with author Diane Mitchell that she has written for self-publication. The style that Diane was looking for for her books was a much looser, more “hand-written” style than we generally work in, so it was a great challenge for us and a wonderful set of projects to work on.

The Adventures of a Pig Called Diggy is a colourful children’s book that tells the story of a messy, greedy little pig. It’s a fun, gentle picture book that is full of lovely illustrations of Diggy and his various shenanigans. The illustrations were a lot of fun for us to work on; Diggy gets into all sorts of situations which allowed us to illustrate some fun different scenes! We worked in a different style to our usual digital, vector illustration on these books for Diane, which was an exciting challenge for us. They allowed us to be more free with our drawing style and technique, and as a result the images have a more textured and tangible feel to them – despite also being made as digital media.

We’ve loved working as children’s book illustrator on these books with Diane, and we would love to work on more children’s books in this hand-drawn style. If you’re looking for illustration for your children’s book, we would love to hear from you.

“Very helpful and his illustrations were just what I asked for, very happy and would highly recommend Mr Howell. He has a fantastic imagination and is very efficient and good to work with.”

Diane MitchellAuthor
Children's Book Design by Howell Edwards
Children's Book Design by Howell Edwards
Children's Book Design by Howell Edwards