E-Commerce Web Design

for Orange Rose

If you’ve taken a look at the rest of our portfolio, you’ll know that one of our favourite services that we provide is designing and developing websites for startup businesses. Designing a website for a client from scratch is a real privilege, and being responsible for how a business is shown to the world and potential clients is something that we take very seriously, especially when it’s an e-commerce website for selling products and services.

Orange Rose is a new venture by a wonderful woman called Claire, who is the mother of a transgender child. She has started a business and online store to offer support, advice and clothing to transgender young people and their parents. We completely believe in Claire’s cause and ambitions, it’s such a wonderful thing that she’s trying to do to support young people and hopefully it will make a real difference to many. We designed and developed a WordPress E-Commerce website to showcase and sell the products through, as well as including a blog for Claire and her daughter Rosie to keep their thoughts, feelings and support updated.

The site has a welcoming and comforting design, which was really important for the users of the website. Customers are able to purchase items, contact the business owners, and follow the blog, as well as read and download support and help sheets. The CMS allows the clients to observe visitor and customer analytics, so they can feed this information back into offering the service that their customers are looking for; an essential aspect in any websites for startup businesses. We fully designed and developed the site using WordPress, concentrating on accessibility and responsive design to give an inclusive and interactive user experience.

If you’re a startup or new business looking for an e-commerce website that will establish you as an expert in your field, attract new customers and allow you to sell online, we would love to hear from you.

Web Design by Howell Edwards
Web Design by Howell Edwards